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Great Fishing Fun! On Paper & For Real!

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Seychelles. The Stars & Beyond As Another Reunion Is Eagerly Anticipated.

When one talks about the Seychelles islands one imagines the sun, the white beaches and the coco-nut trees, as well as the spicy Creole food, nature, the beauty, the rich culture and the stars, the moon, the sun, our solar system , space exploration and beyond.

Did you just read that correctly? Space the Seychelles islands together, a commonality and link?

Yes for sure you read it quite right! Let me just refresh your memory providing to you just how the Seychelles is integrally linked with space exploration and the great potential for ‘space tourism’ as an added  niche marketing prospect  when ‘selling’ the islands as an interesting destination.

Allow  me first go to the ‘near’ present or ‘recent’ history, whichever you like, as regards the last shuttle landing bringing an end to the NASA’s space shuttle programme, as the shuttle Atlantis touched down at the Kennedy Space Center at 05:57am on July 21st 2011.  Bringing a closure to the shuttle missions, 30 years of remarkable flights and history, that started with the launch of the shuttle Columbia launching on April 12th 1981.  

To understand the link between the shuttle missions, space in general, and the role the Seychelles islands had to play let us understand that well into the shuttle missions that the U.S. satellite tracking station located on Mahe which was as of the 1st of July 1987 known as Detachment 4, 2nd Satellite Tracking Group, was ably assisting various US space missions to include those of NASA.

On the 6th of August 1996 the operations of the ‘tracking station’ came to an end.  It was officially decommissioned on the 15th of August 1996 with the last American personnel leaving the property on the 30th of September 1996 at 1400hrs according to official logs.  

For about 33 years, the US tracking station becoming operational on the 9th of October 1963, sited on the main island of the Mahe, was an integral part of the US space missions. 

The facility played key roles for the lunar landing of 20th July 1969 using the 60 foot dish antenna to ‘listen’ to the astronauts on the moon talking with ‘Houston Control’ in the state of Texas in the USA.  The site continued to be important to US space missions until its closure.

Other significant and interesting events occurred such as when the Pan Am seaplane made its last flight to the Seychelles on June 1972.  After that personnel would then utilize the newly opened Seychelles International Airport which we all know was so very vital to Seychelles’ own launch into the world of tourism.  Prior to that Tracking station personnel would fly to the Seychelles on the Pan Am Hu-16  seaplane with the first flight being in July 1963 flying from Mombasa Kenya into the Seychelles.  The first sea plane flights would arrive at the Long Pier at Victoria.  Today the only ‘marker’ left of any significance is a tether point which is by the slip way and was used to tie up the seaplanes.

Other memorable events, and perhaps of interest to both residents and tourists alike, was the visit by well known comic, singer and actor, Bing Crosby, who toured the facility on the 22nd of August 1973.  British author and playwright Noel Coward who fell ill while visiting the islands in November 1965 and at the request of then Governor Earl of Oxford and Asquith, was flown out of the Seychelles on an emergency medical flight to Kenya  using the HU-16 seaplane.

Another interesting bit of information which links the Seychelles, the tracking station, and the world, for all those who are not only ‘fans’ of space travel and exploration, but as well film, songs, and the ‘King’, together was that a past base commander, Air Force base commander Paul Beaulieu, was the step-father to world famous Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, who was as we know was married to Elvis Presley. 
The Seychelles islands and the time spent by the Beaulieu’s here was well appreciated we are certain, that at their dinner table back home,  the tracking station and memories of the islands was fondly discussed.

For many years even before golf was played on the islands, and well before the world class course at Lemuria on Praslin, or the well played golf course at the Reef Golf club @ Anse Aux Pins, the ‘golf’ balls of the US Tracking Station dominated the views of island life on Mahe.  Perhaps golf became popular because of it?
Sitting high above in the clouds the tracking station set among the tropical mountains, and well before the ‘blast off’ of tourism on the islands, the men and women who worked at the sites, both local and foreign, provided a technical link to the stars that until then could only appreciated from our tranquil shorelines during the clear evening nights.

The ‘space’ tracking station is now longed closed.  Joining other programmes and like the closure of the space shuttle missions, to the history pages.  Yet what was done for many years lives on still and soon those who served for years working at the station, living among us, marrying and moving away, creating new families, will soon return to celebrate a reunion on our island shores.

5o years since the opening of the Indian Ocean Station (IOS) which was located East from Mombasa, Kenya, one fourth of the way into the Indian Ocean,  1,094 statute miles east of Mombasa, Kenya.
2,048 statute miles southwest of Bombay, India ( Now Mumbai),  2113 statute miles north east of Maputo, Mozambique.,  2287 statute miles northeast of Pretoria, South Africa,  Tech Site: 4 degrees – 40 minutes South Latitude / 55 degrees – 29 minutes East Longitude. Those who are surviving will return once again to share memories with us, this sometime in 2013 as it is currently understood. When they do return they will not be simply tourists visiting a tropical island, but rather they will be ‘family’ returning to their second home welcomed by old friends and associates, who stayed behind.  

Many have not been back since, while others have stayed in touch and know of the changes.  A Seychelles greatly changed will be here waiting for them.  We will open our arms to these pioneers who worked and lived with us and shared good times and who helped to place the Seychelles islands on not only the world map but the interstellar one as well. 

The past contributions of all those who boldly stepped into the ‘future’ with the opening of the US Tracking Station, to include the hard work and determination of the Seychellois work force, is one which is well appreciated by all Seychellois and is a point of our history which I am sure would be of great interest to all visitors to our shores!

So let us give a loud ‘shout’ out to this reunion of past workers to our shores and perhaps to others as well.  Our islands are here and we welcome you with open arms for our future is cemented by the positive contributions of the past.  The present Seychelles is here and open for business and eager to welcome you to our friendly and still beautiful shores! 

·         Raymond St. Ange is a director of a company based in the USA in the travel, promotions and trade fields. He is as well a physical security consultant and law enforcement specialist and is actively engaged in product and business development. For contacts please send an email to  or on Facebook @

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As you can see I have been absent form the 'blog' for a bit now.  No worries though as I have been working in the background on several projects.  All will be mentioned and covered in detail once again as we gear up to launch.  Currently still in the Seychelles islands.  Good to be home!  Need to contact me when on the islands?  My number here is + 248 2 515 885.  Cheers and thanks for the visit! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hungry? The Best Creole Style Hamburgers West of The Pecos! In Seychelles That Is!

Friday 3rd June 2011. Its about 5 pm and today since being back in the Seychelles Islands I managed to avoid eating lunch after evading several invites!  Not that I did not want an opportunity to dine and sample some delicious Creole dishes!  However 2 items led me to decide this day to ‘soldier’ on thru lunch and get some work and meetings done!  First was that I had work to do and second I wanted to avoid the afternoon ‘siesta’ which seems to be overtaking me of late especially after a fine delicious lunch! J

I made it thru most of the day when driving in town, Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles I noticed a little trailer parked in the corner of a make shift car park where once the Shell petrol station had stood.

Immediately I noticed the sign on it, ‘Rams TakeAway’ and noticed that the ‘establishment was still open at 5pm.  What amused me was the fact that I could drive my car right up to the parked concessions stand in what I dubbed a ‘Seychellois’ drive thru in homage to the well established drive thru’s which now dot many landscapes in the USA and beyond!

I pulled up and got out of the car and immediately smelled what I had been hoping for and that was a delicious styled hamburger  'a la Creole'!

The owner of the stand, which was built from a wrecked mini bus, was a very nice young entrepreneur by the name of Ronny.  We got to talking and before I knew it I had wolfed down several of his delicious cooked beef burgers seasoned with spices Creole style!  Delicious!

So when next in the Seychelles I do recommend stopping by and sampling the meals that Ronny prepares for you in his self made restaurant on wheels, all quite clean and presentable and at great prices! 

Rams’ is located across from Teemooljee’s at what used to be the Shell petrol station.  The area is now a make shift parking for cars and home to Ram’s TakeAway!  A must stop place for wonderful simple but fast meals!

Tell Ronny that Raymond sent you.  He will offer up a great warm smile and a delicious Creole style burger!  Now on to my next meeting!
P.S.  Ronny tells me is is there daily from about 0930 onwards closing late! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting To Know Ghana!

Getting to know Ghana! If I tell you that you are on a river drifting down to the Atlantic Ocean and that you boarded this boat by Akosombo dam then which river are you on? 
And The Answer Is?
 The Mighty Volta River
 The Volta is a river in western Africa that drains into the Gulf of Guinea. It has three main tributaries—the Black Volta, White Volta and Red Volta. The river gave its name to French Upper Volta and then the Republic of Upper Volta before that country was renamed Burkina Faso in 1984.

Come and get to know Ghana with us!  

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More Info On the Seychelles? Contact A Tourism Ambassador Nearest You!

 Mike Valentin in Texas

Myrtle Webb in San Jose California

Leonie Naylor in Michigan

Seychelles continues to be talked about by both the tourist trade and interested visitors to the islands.  What with the success of the completed Carnavale de Victoria for 2011, the announcement for next year's event and even bigger perhaps the Royal Honeymoon of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ( aka William & Kate ) to the sandy shores of the Seychelles, makes these islands indeed a 'must' do item for one and all!

We are happy today to update our blog with the contact emails of a few of the Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors who volunteer their time to promote the Seychelles brand.  This is your opportunity to contact them directly should there be an interest about a trip to the Seychelles or even if you are not planning to visit but merely curious.... go ahead and make a contact.

Next Update!  A Ghana Fun Quiz!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Travel To Togo! Meet Eunice Our Rep.

Its been over a year new and for that time indeed its been a pleasure to know more and more about Eunice Mawussi our LTC Representative for travel!  A gifted person whose passion in music, God, writing and country stands out loud and clear.  This update we are very pleased to dedicate to Eunice so that you as well may get to know more about Eunice, her inspirations and where she is from which is the shores of Togo in West Africa! 

"People live their whole life not knowing that God has placed a call upon their life. Others heard the call but would never answer it. God has an established unique call for each one of us, but we often fail to respond giving excuses. The requirements seem too demanding despite the Grace available to us, so we move on with our lives pretending we never had a call. Believers run away from the great commission of Christ by using “Church” as a substitute for their ministerial aspiration. The church is not the mission field, the world is. The circumstances surrounding the call in a person’s life are discussed within the pages of this book. The Call is a mirror for readers to believe and tune up their lives according to the purpose of God. Eunice felt in deep love with Jesus, which carried her through some unpleasant moments. She responded, and is living “The Call” today. Now the reader has an opportunity to understand that there is a special call to answer whether it is seasonal or lifetime. Her walk of faith is a symbol of Grace and a picture of God’s faithfulness when His Call is being answered. Eunice’s book The Call and album “M’ lovin’ It”" 
All are available at

A Little Bit More On Togo! 

Togo's culture reflects the influences of its many ethnic groups, the largest and most influential of which are the Ewe, Mina, Tem, Tchamba and Kabre.

In the north there is gently rolling savannah. in the centre of the country there are hills. The south of Togo is characterized by a plateau which reaches to a coastal plain with extensive lagoons and marshes in the south. 

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